Officer - Security - GOA 1

Job Posting Start Date: 11 Jul 2024

Location: Goa, GA, IN

Company: InterGlobe Aviation Ltd

Job Description

Officer - Security - AO&CS
(OUText – Security)

Primary Responsibility:

You will be responsible for implementation of security policy and procedures laid down by the Company.  


To secure
•    Safe operation
•    Punctuality
•    Customer Satisfaction
•    Team efficiency
•    Cost control
•    Secure good working atmosphere and environment 


Manage safe and secure operations in accordance with security program and applicable procedures.

Functional Responsibilities:

•    Maintain standards as per Company requirements
•    Ensure effective threat assessment and response capability
•    Achieve department goals and follow up 
•    Perform duties as per the Security Programme.
•    Maintain performance standards and follow up with your shift
•    Monitor continuously the Quality System and the level of conformance
•    Secure quality levels
•    Optimize resource 
•    Aware of Emergency Response Procedures, rules and regulations 
•    Acquire and maintain necessary skills required to perform job functions
•    Maintain  work procedures as per company requirements
•    Carry out development dialogue with the Team leaders
•    Control theft and pilferage of company property

“Be aware of and comply with his/her safety responsibilities and accountabilities as laid down in Indigo SMS Manual, Chapter Safety Policies and Objectives”. 

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